Preaching and

speaking ministry

I view teaching and preaching as a sacred stewardship from God. I do my very best to honour that stewardship and the trust others give me when I speak to their churches and organizations.

Aaron Weiss

Pastor of Mission Hill Church

Brad is among—if not the most—creative communicators I have known… He has the ability convey complex and multifaceted concepts in clear, everyday language that sparks imagination and warms hearts.

Drew Johnson

Pastor of Summit Church

“Brad is a rare gem – a fantastic writer, artist, engaging preacher and charismatic pastor. To have Brad’s heart and mind aimed at the flourishing of the church is a gift… His ministry is well worth your time.”

Matt Dyck

Pastor of Sunwest Church

“Brad has become an important voice in our church through the years… He keeps Jesus central in all things, inspires people to live an empowered life through the Holy Spirit, and gives them practical tools be more like Jesus.”

Feel free to explore my highest-rated messages below, or we can explore crafting a new talk for your needs.

There is so. Much. More.

Brad unpacks Exodus 33 to help us understand how God’s presence ‘works’ and how to experience more of Him.

What are we?

Our identity begins with who we are in Christ, but understanding what we are positions us to fulfill our purpose in the world.

A forgotten key

Brad unpacks how to imitate our way into greater spiritual growth by examining those we admire in the faith. 

It starts where we are

Brad explores what it means to ‘walk in the Spirit’ and unpacks a biblical approach to begin—even in the middle of a storm.

Are you stuck?

Brad unpacks the parable of the soils to show how we can cooperate with God’s word and His work to grow in Christ.