Whether you’re a brand new believer or a seasoned Christ-follower, this 40 day email devotional will deepen your roots in Jesus and grow your faith in beautiful ways.

The Deeply Devoted Handbook (Coming Soon!)

Grow intimacy with God through daily devotions you love and change your life.

Learn how to engage intimately with God through the Temple Pathway, a flow of worship designed by God and fulfilled by Jesus himself.

The Temple Pathway will help you grow intimacy with God, help you process your issues, root you in ten powerful spiritual practices you can access in every area of life, and grow your foundation in the gospel of Jesus.

BONUS: This practical handbook also includes CRASH-COURSES in hearing God, how to study the Bible, and prayer journalling for maximum life-change.


There are spiritual stages to grow through, & knowing what they are will help you embrace them.


How to share the gospel, your testimony, and help someone accept Jesus—so simply, you can draw it on a napkin.

Go deeper in the gospel

Learn how the gospel stems from the character of God & the life of Christ. Trust me, you’ve never seen it this clearly!

The gospel for all of life

Learn to apply the gospel to every issue you face, because Jesus is the Way, Truth, and Life.

Love people WHERE THEY ARE

Every non-Christian you know is on a journey with God. Learn to help them where they are.

Join the revolution!

The world needs Christians to be the most encouraging people on the planet. This FREE PDF will show you how to take your encouragement to the next level.

The secret of contentment

It’s possible to live with joy and contentment, and this FREE PDF will show you how!

Some fairy tales are true.

This FREE ebook recasts the story of the Bible as a true fairy tale. Along the way, you’ll fall in love with Jesus all over again.


Leave striving behind

This vivid and inspiring allegory will help you embrace the freedom and joy of kingdom life in the gospel like never before.

Curious about the prophetic?

A biblical and practical guide to getting started with the prophetic, without getting weird.

Help a new Christian GROW ROOTS

Help new believers grow roots with their first crucial steps of faith. This FREE PDF will show you how.

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