Deeply Devoted workshops help your people grow a lifestyle of intimacy with God—starting with daily devotions they love and change their lives. Workshops provide content-rich, practical, and interactive environments where lasting life-change can happen in God’s presence together.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to interact with God and grow intimacy with him for themselves.
  • Grow in their understanding and application of the gospel
  • Learn ten key spiritual practices
  • Process their lives with God for maximum life-change



(2.5 hrs)

Learn the basics!

1. Relationship Goals. Learn powerful keys for intimacy with God, and reframe what God is looking for from us.

2. The Temple Pathway. Learn the Temple Pathway framework, exploring powerful biblical symbolism and how to engage with God.

3. Temple Pathway Experience. Experience God through the Temple Pathway in a guided group devotional experience and debrief.


(6 hrs)

1. Relationship Goals : Discover keys for intimacy with God and learn about the Temple Pathway.

2. Ascent, Thanksgiving, and Praise: Learn how to pour out your heart to God, thank him for his work, and explore the powerful link between thanksgiving and praise.

3. Confession and Grace: Learn how to come into God’s light to confess our sin, receive his grace, and listen to God for his life-giving affirmation.

4. Revelation and prayer: Learn how to hear God speaking through his word and his Spirit. We’ll also learn the art of praying guided by the word of God and the ongoing revelation of the Spirit.

5. Worship and presence: Explore the mystery of God’s presence and how to experience more of him through authentic worship.

6. Temple Pathway Experience:  I’ll guide your group through a Temple Pathway experience and debrief.

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