Welcome to the toolbox.

This page contains FREE PDF downloads for the key exercises (and a few diagrams) in the book. They’re designed for your phone, so you’ll have them at your fingertips wherever you go.

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Temple Flow Diagram

Grab the Temple Pathway diagram found throughout the Deeply Devoted Handbook.

The 2-Minute Flow

A simple PDF that guides you through the 2-Minute Flow, perfect for processing a single issue.

The 5-Minute Flow

A short PDF that guides you through a 5-Minute Flow for refreshers throughout the day.

The 15-Minute Flow

A clear PDF that guides you through the Temple Pathway for 15-minute devos.

The Full Temple Pathway

A detailed summary guide you can use for the full Temple Pathway experience in your daily devotions.

The Repentance Process

A clear summary of the repentance process outlined in The Deeply Devoted Handbook.

Temple Pathway Cheat Sheet

A simple, one-page PDF summarizing all the elements of the Temple Pathway.

Worship and prayer meetings

Learn how the Temple Flow can guide or shape your worship times and prayer meetings.

Prayer Meetings slide deck

Download a folder with slides you can use for a prayer meeting.

Bible Study basics

A Phone PDF that summarizes the Bible Study crash course for handy reference

Year-end review for journallers

Learn how to review last-year’s prayer journal for maximum life-change in the coming year.